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.:: Profesor-Investigador .::. Maestria en Electronica ::.

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Areas de Interes (Research):

Conferencista (Speaker): +100 conferencias, +40 talleres (1994-2014)

  • Mobile Learning: Podcasting, Educational Videos, Educational Games, Digital Narratives, Educational Apps, Digital Puppetry and Animation.

  • Software Developing: Mobile Apps (iOS), Web Apps (HTML5, jQuery), Visualization (Processing), Kinect-based Projects.

  • Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, Smalltalk..

  • Natural Interfaces: Multi-touch, Kinect-based, Digital Puppetry and Virtual Reality Inmersion

  • Educational Resources: mobile-based, web-based, open access, digital narratives, video and podcasting

Portals: Twitter, Publications, Presentations, Videos, Favorites,  M-Learning Lab, Wiki Videos Educativos

Memberships: IEEE, ACM, REMIAM
Oficina: (614) 201-2012 y 201-2014

En Caso de Emergencia:
Tipo de Sangre: B+

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